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Recluse Pictures
Recluse Pictures

Brown Recluse Bite Photos Small
Picture Of Brown Recluse Spiders
Picture Of Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Photo Small
Brown Recluse Spider Bite Pic
Brown Recluse Spider Bite Pic

Brown Recluse Photo Small

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Picture Brown Recluse Spider Bite
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Sissy says:

That looks HORRIBLE! I believe that i have the same thing going on right now,however,i do not want to take a trip to the doctor.

Eleemosynary says:

I feel so sad for these poor souls. I pray they recover quickly.

lyric says:


Erin says:

I feel extremly sorry for you! ;C

lanai says:

ive had one of those! almost lost my leg! got a pretty scar from it too. took over a yr to heal....

seth says:

nasty it is groste and that hes a frend of me

Denisey in Jacksonville,Florida says:

OMG!!!! was there no after care done after the Recluse Spider bit this person??? I my self have been biten by a baby recluse & sadly to say I personally don't think it really matters to how young r the size of the lethal spiders are!! i had just gotten off of a very strong stran of anitibiotics not even 12hours before I was bitten and it still took me two of the strongest oral antibiotics plus a very costly tube of antibiotic..I would thruly clean the entire area at least three times daily as it progressed I clean more tan three. it still was nasty & extremely painful even with everything i was on & doing to save my tip of my left index finger. it took almost three whole weeks to completely heal.But this photo is horrific I pray you were doing & taking proper medical advise in order to save your ARM.. Hope all is well now

jennier says:

that is very nasty it makes me want to screm





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